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RLH116 – Spinner Ring
RLH116 – Spinner Ring In this fun one-day workshop, you will learn techniques to make your very own spinner ring out of sterling silver sheet and copper or silver wire. You will learn basic soldering techniques, texturing, forming and how to correctly measure sheet metal to fit your ring size. You ...
RLH104-Beginning Metalsmithing II
This workshop is the follow up to the beginning metalsmithing course and will meet once a week for 4-weeks. This course is meant for those who want to continue to learn about jewelry making / metalsmithing. The techniques that will be covered include a continuation of soldering techniques, sawing, f...
This course will teach students various riveting techniques for joining, adding movement and embellishment. The class will cover basic riveting, riveting using a spacer, and tube rivets as well as how to cut tubing. You will leave with samples that could be used to make finished pieces outside of c...
Add a little bling to your jewelry box with this elegant pendant and earring set. Combine crystals with square wire to create a classic earring and pendant set that will wow your friends and move easily from office to evening.
Are you ready to add wirework to your jewelry-making skills? This class is for you! Designed for students with no previous wire experience, this class will teach you the basics of wire – hardness, work hardening, straightening, finishing ends, how to make wrapped loops, spirals, coils, double loops,...
JEK151 - Micro-Fold Earrings
Micro-folding or crimping adds a whole new dimension to your work. Using an industrial tube ringer you can add a wide variety of textures to earrings, pendants and pieces for use as components. These pieces can be colored before crimping or after, using pencils, alcohol inks, enamel, paint or fire.
Add an extra dimension to your work by making your own links and clasps. Links can be used to connect beads, or to make an entire chain or necklace. Handmade clasps can be made to suit the specific design or wearer's needs.
This ancient technique produces a supple chain that can be made bold or delicate, depending on your dowel and wire choices. In this class, you will make a bracelet that is suitable for men or women.
Houston Metal Arts Guild Winner! RENE LEE HENRY
Congratulations to our Instructor Rene Lee Henry for Winning Best Use of Materials!! The show was juried by Andy Cooperman. He is a renowed metalsmith , educator and writer from the Seattle area. OUT OF OVER 59 PIECES CONGRATS RENE!!
RM101 The Flex Shaft:Why and How
Come find out why a flex-shaft tool is so much easier to use and more versatile than a drill or standard rotary tool! You’ll get hands-on experience installing burs properly and using various types of burs to cut, polish, drill, texture, and more. You will practice each technique and take home refe...
BS 102 Necklace Making using Cold-Form
This fun class will allow each student to design and make at least 4 (uniquely beautiful-colorful) Necklaces without any heat source and or methods used in metalsmithing!
BS 101 Pendant Making using Cold-Form
This fun class will allow each student to design and make at least 4 (uniquely beautiful-colorful)pendants without any heat source and or methods used in metalsmithing!
RLH101 Beginning Metalsmiting
This is an ongoing class that will meet once a week for 4 weeks. This course is for anyone who would like to learn the basics of jewelry making/metalsmithing. Techniques covered include soldering, sawing, filing, finishing, texturing, shaping, and designing. Students will learn the essential techniq...
RLH200 MS Open Studio
This class is for those who have some metalsmithing experience who would like a little extra help, or would like to use Jemco's facilities to create or finish a project. Specialized techniques may be taught, according to the student's needs.
JEK174 - WWK Funky Bezel
Create a bezel for a prize cabochon using wire, then embellish it with beads and crystals for a truly unique look. This technique can be adapted to unusually shaped stones, although a basic oval cabochon at least 12 mm by 16 mm is recommended for students with limited experience with wire.
JEK186 - Pearl Knoting
Learn this classic technique while making a beautiful necklace. As an added bonus, learn how to evenly space your pearls to create a Tin Cup necklace, where the pearls appear to float gracefully around your neck. This class will be taught using a knotting awl, however, other techniques will also be ...
JEK210 - WWK Celtic Wire Bezel
Looking for a unique wrap for a special cabochon? Step up your wire wrap skills with this woven wire bezel. This technique works best on round, oval, teardrop or heart shaped cabochons.
JEK272 - WWK Tangled Knot Pendant/Bead
Create a one-of-a-kind focal bead using wire. Coils and spirals fill the frame, making a unique piece of wearable art that can stand on its own or be the centerpiece of a fabulous bracelet or necklace.
Displaying 1 to 18 (of 18 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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