Adhesives and Glues

Adhesives and Glues

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 (6244) Duco Multi-Purpose Cement - 1 oz. Tube  (6244) Duco Multi-Purpose Cement - 1 oz. Tube
This household cement can be used for china, glass, wood, metal, leather, and paper. It dries hard and clear. ...MORE

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 (GLU-750.00) Devcon Metal Patch & Fill - 3.5 OZ Tube  (GLU-750.00) Devcon Metal Patch & Fill - 3.5 OZ Tube
This rustproof compound works great on all types of metals. Seals, fills and bonds. ...MORE

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 (BND-5271) Beacon 527  (BND-5271) Beacon 527
Beacon 527 Multi-Purpose Cement. When you need something better than a tacky glue. ...MORE

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 (E6005) Jewelry Adhesive  (E6005) Jewelry Adhesive
E6000 Jewelry Adhesive is great for attaching beads, watch parts, stones, and sequins. ...MORE

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 (GLU-105.00) G-S Hypo Tube Cement  (GLU-105.00) G-S Hypo Tube Cement
Perfect for all kinds of precise applications: Jewelry, Watch Repair, Beadwork,, Creative Crafts, Bead Kits, Fine Screw Locking, General Household Repair, And much more... ...MORE

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 (GLU-110.00) Henrietta's Gum Arabic  (GLU-110.00) Henrietta's Gum Arabic
Used to make self-threading needles and seal closing knots. ...MORE

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 (GLU-203.30) Epoxy 330 Molecular Connector  (GLU-203.30) Epoxy 330 Molecular Connector
Epoxy 330, water-clear glue, line bonds with fast setting time. ...MORE

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 (GLU-207.00) Tenax Instant Adhesive-1/4 Oz.  (GLU-207.00) Tenax Instant Adhesive-1/4 Oz.
This water-clear super glue is designed to bond stones, ceramics, glass, porcelain, metals, rubber, and some plastics. ...MORE

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 (GLU.250.00) Attack Solvent - 8 Oz  (GLU.250.00) Attack Solvent - 8 Oz
Used for clean up and to separate misaligned bonded materials of cured epoxy. ...MORE

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 (GLU-720.50) Devcon - 5 Minute Epoxy  (GLU-720.50) Devcon - 5 Minute Epoxy
Devcon 5-Minute Epoxy is a super fast, water clear, epoxy liquid formulated for high speed bonding. ...MORE

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 (GLU-202.20) Epoxy 220 Molecular Connector  (GLU-202.20) Epoxy 220 Molecular Connector
Epoxy 220 adhesive. Similar to Epoxy 330, but is a transparent amber color and is slightly stronger. ...MORE

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 (GLU-100.00) Super New Glue  (GLU-100.00) Super New Glue
Super New Glue 3 Gr. ...MORE

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Displaying 1 to 12 (of 12 products) Result Pages:  1 
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Adhesives and Glues
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