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SKS118 – WWp – Ear Wires & Earrings
This class will enable you to create great one of a kind Earrings & Ear Wires. Learn the basic skills to begin making the perfect gift. We will explore making several styles of ear wires. Basic Ear Wires - Spiral - Hoops - Fish Hook - Balloon - Drop & Tear Drop. We will also learn how to make sim...
SKS109 – WWp – Super-simple Wire Wrapped Pendant
If wire wrap has always seemed daunting, try this super-simple wrap. You’ll be creating amazing gifts for your family and friends in no time. You’ll learn measuring, wrapping, spirals, and the all-important capture.
SKS113 – WWp –Crystal Pendant
The beauty of this piece is the pendant is also the bail. This unique change from the standard jewelry design will make a great gift or addition to your collection. Skills mastered will be wrapping two wires together, adding beads, and manipulating wire into a lovely swirl.
SKS115 – WWp – Creative Bail Design
What a great way to dress up the bails on your pendants. Create a truly signature piece with this simple method of wire manipulation. You can make your bail as simple or ornate as you feel your piece commands. This project allows expressive freedom. Skills will consist of a wrapped bail, loop ma...
Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 articles) Result Pages:  1 
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