QuikArt UltraLite Clay Saving Template


QuikArt UltraLite Clay Saving Template
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The high fashion QuikArt UltraLite Series was initially conceived due to rising prices of silver and gold.  We wanted a way for artists to be able to continue to create sizable pieces of art jewelry without blowing their budget.  The “papel picado” style of these templates can reduce clay usage by up to 50% compared to a traditional solid piece of similar size, while at the same time creating a lighter and more comfortable piece of jewelry!

Each template is made from durable and crystal clear material.  This clarity allows for perfect alignment every time!  Each template measures 3.5"x5.0". They are easily stored in an index card or recipe box!

  • Use with metal & polymer clays or sheet metal
  • Quickly create bases for complex designs
  • Stack, mix and match to create intrigue
  • Easily cut shapes using a the QuikArt Stylus


For the best results, make sure your work surface, metal clay and template are lubricated with Hatties® NoStick or other lubricant.  Hold the template firmly on the clay when cutting to maintain proper alignment.  Always start with the cutouts FIRST, then proceed to the last outer perimeter cut.

When working the cutouts, repeat the cut around the opening several times until you see the part to be removed moving around.  Then use theQuikArt™ Stylus or needle tool to lift the part out of the cavity.  You can then use the Stylus to smooth the inside of the opening.

The last step is to carefully nick the template tabs free from your creation.

Keep in mind that the part is delicate.  Any corrective work you can do such as smoothing is done before the clay becomes bone dry.  Use care performing any refining work in the bone dry state.  It is highly recommended that cleanup, refining and finishing be done in the fired state.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 24 May, 2014.
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